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Call us in store at 520-622-3636 for any questions!
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Conte Pencil Sanguine

Conte Pencil Sanguine

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The colour of the Conté à Paris "Sanguine" pencil is a deep "rust" and its lines are easily blended.

With a sharpened lead : the drawing is accurate, the colour is transparent and if the work is lightly drawn the Sanguine pencil lets the texture of the paper appear.

With a half-worn lead, the opacity increases with the pressure exerted on the pencil.

- Recommended for : nudes, its colour recalls that of the skin when highlighted using white. Blending the colour creates the shading.

- Use : Sanguine is frequently used in sketching to draw the body. For more complex work, it's advisable to use Pierre Noire to emphasize the contrast and white pencil to highlight the areas of light on the body.

- Exist in only 1 medium graduation

- Length 176.5 mm / Diameter 8.5 mm / Lead diameter 5 mm-